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Amazing Things You Should Know About Footlogix

Footlogix is the only company with a mousse foot care line and the products are designed to target various foot issues. Here’s how Footlogix can help you.

Footlogix Has Amazing Products

The company carries amazing products, which fall into five main categories. Those categories include moisturizers, anti microbial, anti-fungal, specialty and pedicure products. Footlogix products are amazing. Some of the moisturizers they carry are designed to help those with cracked heels, those with very dry skin. Cracked Heel Formula, Daily Maintenance Formula and DD Mousse Cream are a few of the moisturizers the company sells.


There are three anti microbial products available, and they are Nail Tincture, Rough Skin Formula and Peeling Skin Formula. Footlogix’s anti-fungal products include Anti-Fungal Toe Tincture, Rough Skin Formula (without spiraleen) and Peeling Skin Formula (without spiraleen).

The specialty products include Shoe Deodorant, Foot Deodorant, Cold Feet Formula and Sweaty Feet Formula. As for pedicure products, you can purchase Footlogix’s Massage Formula, Seaweed Scrub, Foot Soak Concentrate and a Foot File for exfoliating.

As mentioned above, Footlogix’s products fall under the following categories: 

. Moisturizing solutions
. Anti microbial solutions
. Anti-fungal formulas
. Specialty solutions
. Pedicure products

Footlogix carries many foot care products, and it doesn’t matter which ones you use, you will love them.

Advantages Of Using Footlogix Products

There are countless benefits of using Footlogix products, with one of them being that they are non-occlusive, and they allow the skin to transpire normally. You can apply the products and then wear your socks and shoes right afterwards because the lotions and creams are not greasy.The applicators are hygienic and the products are highly effective. In fact, there are many consumers who have seen amazing results in just a few days. Not only that, but the products are very easy to use and they absorb fast into the skin.

Let’s not forget to mentioned that there are well-known doctors and podiatrists in Europe and North America that endorse the products Footlogix sells.

The main benefits of using the products include: 

. Hygienic applicators
. Fast results
. Non-occlusive
. Non greasy
. Effective
. Endorsed by doctorsThe bottom line is the products are amazing and you will want to use them to take care of your feet.

You Purchase Footlogix Products From Distributors

You can purchase products from a Footlogix distributor in your area. Some countries where you can find distributors include the USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Brazil. In the United States, distributors such as Salon Centric, State Beauty Supply and Hi Fashion. In Canada, you can order products from places such as Intercosmetics and Cosmecor.PureSpaDirect is where South Korea residents can order products from and in Brazil, consumers can order from Princes Professional. In Japan, you can buy Footlogix products from Aliexpress.

To sum up the above, you can order products in the following countries and distributors:

. USA- Salon Centric, State Beauty Supply and Hi Fashion
. Canada- Intercosmetics and Cosmecor
. South Korea- PureSpaDirect
. Brazil- Princess Professional
. Japan- Aliexpress

Finding a Footlogix distributor is easy. Just go to the company’s website and enter your location to find a distributor near you.

Not only is it easy to find distributors, but you will be pleased with how much Footlogix’s products sell for. They are affordable, effective and made with high quality ingredients. Order a few products from them and experience the amazing benefits they have to offer.

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